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Happy customer reviews for Smokin Joe's Water Delivery in Jackson County Oregon

Last year about July 2021 my well in S. Cove was so shallow ran dry. Had couple months wait for my wonderful Pump guy, Doug of Affordable Pump helped me get a holding tank, (backorderd of course due to Covid delays for almost 3 months) and using neighbors showers ,laundry facilities and hauling toilet water (so grateful for them. D. turned me onto S.Joes ever since and its been a wonderful experience every time since then.. Josh is on time,, polite and i only need to order every 6 weeks in fall but will be more in summer.. They have been a godsend, reasonable prices, responsible and just a phone call away and they return it within a day. I will be referring. Thank you guys! a very pleasant easy

Lin H.

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Smoking Joes water delivery is one of the best water delivery companies in town. They are one of the few that offer a 4000 gallon truck! They have pretty quick scheduling and great customer service. Super friendly family owned business I’d fully recommend!

Isaac D.

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Smoking Joes is a great company to work with. When we called they were polite and listened to what we needed.. They were one of the few companies to have a 4000 gallon truck.. There driver David was on time and had us filled up in a snap. I highly recommend Smoking Joes water service... Thanks guys and see you in a few days David!!!

Ferrariboy308 Car

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Professional service with the best equipment in the field. Dedicated team that will do whatever it takes to make the customers happy. Whether it’s commercial or residential. Smoking Joe’s has you covered!!

Chuck B.

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He was on time.Answered any questions I had.I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.They did a great jobs and had a few laughs Joe has a sense of humor.Thank you


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Smoking Joes came out to fill our pool within the next day of me calling in an order. They have great prices and excellent service!

Brooke W.

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Prompt delivery, great owners, and great prices! And thank you for your great customer service my whole family appreciates it!

Luis P.

5 Stars.png

Great water delivery always on time and reliable! Very friendly.

Taelynn P.

5 Stars.png

Great local family owned company! Great prices, and honest owners.

Melanie M.

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They are fast an awesome people great service👍

Kloe O.

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Very good water and great service

Cody M.

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I love these guys!

Jay M.

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I am happy with the service I got from Smokin Joe's Water Service. I live out in the country and I thought I would not be able to get water. But I made a first call to them and I got delivery the next day. I rate them 5 stars 🌟. Very reasonable price. Thank you Smokin Joe's. I will continue to use your service and recommend you to all my friends.

Laura H.

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Fantastic service, their drivers always fun to talk to when he delivers to us on the weekends. I would recommend them to a close friend.

Jason P.

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Great crew and great prices.

Gregorio D.

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